From Initial Attack to Large Fire, our mission is to provide the Best, the most Advanced, and Safest platform available.  

621615_472960182725419_1235837495_o Andrea and Doug Benson redefined Safford Aviation Service Inc. (SASI) in 1993. Since then, their sole purpose has been to deliver the best possible product that they can.

It started with a couple of Beechcraft Barons and a vision. The result is a fleet of six Beechcraft Barons for fire, a Seneca III and Cherokee Six maintenance planes.

With all the Barons enclosing standardized avionics and highly experienced pilots, it is ensured that all will go well in the air. Our proprietary computer software manages the complicated logistics, flight times, duty times, maintenance needs, and a numerous other items which is a vital means allowing everyone to concentrate on their individual job without continually having monitor their times and other items in the field.

All of this was done in the name of safety. Being the priority at SASI, innumerable precautions are performed to make certain that everything will operate with the least amount of trouble.

“The equipment and people that Safford provides makes my job a lot easier. They do a lot of Type I incident flying and I can count on their experience.”  Former ATGS George Harlan