Our Fleet


We are pleased to announce that our fleet of six Air Attack Beechcraft Barons have been custom configured for use on large fires.

Safford Aviation’s Standardized fleet of Air Attack Barons provides using agencies with the most complete, tactically and technically advanced platforms with seamless coverage for use both on large fire, and initial attack.  The Barons high cruise speed, and long loitering ability give excellent performance in the initial attack role.  No other company has the extensive training regimen, or flying maintenance and quality assurance support that Safford has.  No other company has integrated critical flight, terrain, obstacle, airspace, and traffic information into the ergonomically designed ATGS workstation.  This integration of information in the ATGS workstation has vastly improved crew resource management, and places critical flight information right at the ATGS fingertips.  The aircraft exceed current and expected Type 1 Air Attack platform criteria.

      • High-visibility tactical paint scheme. Three times more visible than civilian type aircraft.Three Stripes
      • Pulse Lite anti-collision lighting
      • The Victor communications suite consists of (3) 760 channel coms with digital signal processing and the ability to monitor 6 Victor frequencies simultaneously.  The third com allows the pilot full access to a dedicated air traffic control frequency, permitting the ATGS full rotor and fixed wing communications.
      • The FM suite is comprised of dual narrow-band FM’s with 200 channel memory, high speed scan capability, and simple programming functions.
      • The Tactical Navigation System is state-of-the-art GPS based, providing full IFR approach abilities.  Dual GPS receivers and a traditional VOR/ILS receiver provide navigational accuracy to within 1 meter.  The terrain database provides terrain awareness to within 100 feet.  The information is displayed on a 6 inch color, multi-function display for use by the pilot and ATGS.
      • Multi-function display (moving map, airspace, terrain, obstacles, traffic)
      • TCADs
      • Dual Custom Audio controllers with trainee position over-ride relay
      • The system is managed by 2 panel-mounted, custom Audio Controllers that give the ATGS control of 5 transceivers with the ability to monitor 10 frequencies simultaneously.
      • 200+ mph cruise speed
      • 5+ hour range
      • Intense Maintenance is performed on each aircraft to try and prevent all possible delays.

Not to mention our aircraft will be staffed with highly experienced pilots, specifically trained for the tactical firefighting environment.  Simply put, from Initial Attack to Large Fire, our goal is to provide the best, the most advanced and the safest platform available.

All flight operations, maintenance, and daily managements are linked via computer in the field.

The management triad of Andrea Benson, President (logistics, daily maintenance and crew tracking) Doug Benson, Director of Operations (daily flight ops, safety and maintenance oversight) and Alton Eady, Director of Maintenance (inspection, repair, quality assurance, safety) are linked via computer for field operations by a proprietary maintenance and crew time management program.  Each night aircraft and crew are entered into the custom programs, and updated maintenance and crew schedules are disseminated in the fields. Critical data is entered, and inspection times for aircraft, crew day of schedules are tracked, and forecasted based in actual use.  This allows Safford Aviation to forecast pilot days off and upcoming inspections, and provide a seamless coverage on the fire assignment.  Aviation managers are not forced to react to being informed of a plane being out of service for a pilot days off or find themselves unable to replace an out of service aircraft when resources are scarce.  Safford Aviation’s service philosophy is one phone call “order it and forget it” for aviation managers.  Safford Aviation has years-proven capability to run sustained on-fire operations in several states and geographic areas simultaneously.